Business Users

We can offer local businesses with a tailored service to meet all your needs when it comes to providing company vehicles. 



Contract Hire

it is a simple contract where the customer pays the rental cost to use the vehicle over two, three or four years. Subject to terms and conditions, the customer then simply hands their vehicle back at the end of the agreed time period. Quite often maintenance packages are also included so there are no unforeseen extra costs and our specialist team will then get in contact to ensure an easy change to a new vehicle.

Hire Purchase

This option allows customers to purchase their vehicle without any large upfront payments. Our dedicated team will discuss with you the time period, annual mileage and the make/model you would like and then a deposit and monthly payment amount are agreed. At the end of the term the customer makes their final payment and then owns the vehicle. The fixed monthly payments allow for the strict budgeting which is needed by businesses and therefore is a great option.

Lease Purchase

A lease purchase agreement means that the customer owns the vehicle at the end of the contract but monthly payments are kept lower by having a balloon payment at the end. Once this final payment is made, the customer completely owns their vehicle.